If you’ve taken a liking to Asian – styled rubdowns and wish to take things up a notch, then you’re in luck. Our erotic Thai massage can cater to your body’s every need. And we mean every need.

  • A miraculous cure for the stiff and sore muscles and joints
  • Relieves pain & boosts energy levels, helps to ameliorate many health problems
  • Dissolves stress and puts you in a good mood
  • Has calming effects on the nervous system
  • Is extremely erotically pleasurable

There’s no way you won’t find a use for our Thai treatment!

Choose it for either of its benefits, and get it together with the rest of them. Make a booking today!

Erotic Thai massage – a traditional treatment we’ve spiced up a little bit more…

What we know as Thai massage has an ancient and respected tradition in Thailand. It is a combination of Chinese and Indian influences.

There are elements of acupressure, Ayurveda and yoga to be found in it. Its beneficial scope encompasses both the body and mind. The “Western” version of this rubdown, such as the one found at our parlour, focuses more on the bodily aspect of this massage, omitting its ritualistic, religious undertones.

And our version veers from the original a bit further in that it adds a proper dose of erotic stimulation on top. If there was something missing in the original, it is precisely this!

Thai massage in Prague, an experience like none other. Let us introduce it to you

  • Expect yoga postures and directly applied pressure. This rubdown is done slightly differently than the rest of them. It involves a lot of movement, stretching and application of direct pressure not just by hands, but eventually also by knees, elbows, forearms and feet. You will be guided through a sequence of yoga – like movements and your therapist will rhythmically apply pressure all over your body.
  • Typically, this procedure is done with clothes on and no oil or lotion used. But in this case, things will be a bit different. Since it’s an erotic massage, both of you will be unclothed, and oil in its latter stages to ease some of the contact.
  • If you find some of the pressure to be too intensive, or are unable to assume certain poses, that’s ok – it can be toned down or worked around according to your abilities.
  • At some point, a stimulation of your erogenous zones will come into play. It is done in a more refined way than you would expect. The point is to maximise arousal and delay climax until the very last moment to guarantee an intensive orgasm.

Thai oil massage by gorgeous girls with plenty of experience

Not only this one, but all of our procedures will be delivered to you by a dream cast of girls, who are not only naturally beautiful, but also immensely friendly, outgoing and eager to prove their considerable skill to you. It could be hard to choose one.

So, to ease your dilemma a little bit, we also offer the possibility of opting for a four-hand massage.

That’s right, you can now choose to be treated by two masseuses at once!

More than double the pleasure – as the saying goes, the whole is more than just the sum of its parts

Likewise, four-hand massage is not just the standard multiplied by two, but something much, much more! Try it and see!

Thai massage or a tantra? You can always choose a different pleasure

If you feel a different kind of rubdown might suit you more than this one, then rest assured, we have plenty others in store. Have you tried for example one of these:

  • Classical erotic
  • Tantric
  • Lingam
  • Nuru massage
  • Kleopatra
  • BDSM
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Relaxation

Check them out as well before you make your choice! And don’t forget that we can do all of these for couples as well!


Thai massage with hand release near you – actually, exactly at your place!

That is correct – our escort service operates all over Prague and we’ll be happy to visit you in person if you can’t make the journey to our salon on your own.

We usually visit our clients at their home, in a hotel room or private offices, provided these place meet the criteria of privacy, comfortable space to provide the massage, and hygiene facility availability.

Otherwise, there’s no need to prepare the place in any special way. The therapist will bring all that is needed with her.

Ordering an escort rubdown to your home is easy!

Phone call, email or a quick online chat with us is all it takes. If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to order right away – we can visit you at any hour!

Our Thai massage – handjob is just the beginning of what we have in store

Make sure to take note of our extra services before going for the big prize right away!

There are multiple ways in which one could enhance the experience of our Thai massage. These bonus services could give your rubdown just the special touch you might feel lacking.

Give everything a bit of boost by picking for example:

  • Footjob. A wildly popular choice both for the people who yearn for the touch of beautiful feet, as well as for those who are eager to experiment in this sphere of sexuality. You can look forward to your private parts being stimulated not by hand, but by feet – either naked or in sexy stockings.
  • Lap dance. An erotically-charged dance, meant to serve as a prelude to the rubdown itself.
  • Prostate stimulation. Still a highly underrated kind of pleasure. Dubbed as the “male g-spot”, the prostate can be an unexpected source of delight when stimulated. Give it a try!

Contact us

We’re certain you’ll be thrilled with our services! And hope you’ll consider visiting again. For every 3rd visit, you can look forward to a 20% discount on all our services!

    We do not provide direct sex under any circumstances.

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