• "Body to body"
  • Pleasure is multiplied thanks to a special gel
  • Eliminates stress
  • Benefits both body and mind

Refined enjoyment of Japanese origin, which will stimulate your sensuality - that is a Nuru massage.
Should you pick it from our offer, a long moments of excitement and cleverly prolonged pleasure await you.


Real Japanese nuru massage – a supreme art of sensual stimulation

Massage of this type represents the “high art” of erotic massage, and its mastery should be a prerequisite for all who wish to call themselves professionals in this field.

As opposed to mere hands, it utilizes a whole body, which must be perfectly coordinated. It is a "slippery" procedure – a special emulsion is used throughout it.

The reward is an integral pleasure that an ordinary massage simply cannot match.

Body to body nuru massage – expect to be really close to your massauese

During this massage you will come into contact with the masseuse’s entire body, breasts and buttocks included.

Mutual contact is further facilitated by a special Nuru gel that lets you feel the caressing, the pressure and the weight of her body in a completely new way.

Moments in which an experienced masseuse glides over your naked body and stimulates its every part, including intimate areas, are one of the most profound experiences our salon can provide.


Japanese slippery massage which took over the world

The roots of this technique probably date back centuries in the Land of the Rising Sun.

In its current form it began to crystallize in the 20th century.

It quickly spread from Asia to the west and now the unique pleasures it provides is enjoyed throughout the whole world.

Give in to this unique massage!

There is no need to worry - entrust us your body and let our masseuses extract pleasure from it – a pleasure that you were unaware to be capable of

Why choose this Asian massage with a happy ending?

Because Nuru is more than just a happy ending and the immediate erotic experience. Its benefits are much longer lasting.
Following positive effects have been observed:

It rids you of stress

The vast majority of those who have gone through this massage, confirm that it has uniquely relaxed them and cleared their heads for a long time to come.

It relaxes your muscles

Once you lend yourself to our masseuses, you can be sure that your body gets a much-needed reboot.

Stiff and blocked muscles will be a thing of the past after just one session.

It freshens your skin

The seaweed-made Nuru gel is rich in antioxidants and helps to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.

It unties your sexuality

When done professionally and in a friendly environment, Nuru can remove feelings of sexual frustration, give you an insight into your sexuality from a new perspective and improve the quality of your sex life.

Discover your intimate limits, experience the exotic practice and get rid of accumulated stress at the same time with this unique massage!

How will this Asian massage with HE proceed?

  • Before the massage a shower awaits you, which you can enter along with whoever will massage you. Hot water will relax you and set the stage for what will follow.
  • After the shower you will lie on your stomach and let our experts work on your back. Relaxing the back and nuchal muscles and finding your sensitive points will lay the groundwork, after which you will be asked to turn to the other side. The masseuse will then tend to the muscles on your front and gradually move over to the main part of the program.
  • Masseuse will then cover your body with warm and soothing Nuru gel that will multiply each subsequent touch. What follows is a phase of intense body body to body contact, which doesn’t leave out the intimate parts. No direct sexual contact is initiated, but the stroking, caressing and gentle sliding is guaranteed not to leave you cold.
  • Intense sexual climax is something with which we count. But it is not the sole aim of this massage that can continue long after - perhaps on to another climax.
  • Once the procedure is finished, a final shower follows. Nuru gel is dissolvable in water and odourless – do not worry that you’ll leave us oily or sticky. Return home with a wonderful experience and full of new energy.

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We do not provide direct sex under any circumstances.