Erotic massages in Prague

Our luxuriously equipped studio offers erotic massages that will relax you and relieve you of your everyday worries

Entrust your body in the hands of one our attractive masseuses or masseurs and let any accumulated stress melt away in a sensual experience that will remain permanently inscribed in your memory.

You can lay off all shame and uncertainty - we are both discreet and professional.

The varied range of our offer includes traditional and exotic massage techniques, including:

  • Classical erotic
  • Tantric
  • Lingam
  • Nuru
  • Kleopatra
  • Dominance
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Relaxation

In addition to our standard offer, we also provide the following extra services to each:

  • Footjob
  • Lap dance
  • Prostate stimulation

Order on time and save some money!

From 9 am to 3 pm daily, during the so-called "happy hours" you can get a discount on selected massages!

Best erotic massages for both sexes

All of our services (with the exception of Lingam) are suitable for both men and women individually and for couples also.

Far from being a male thing only, women can enjoy – which they do – our services in the same way.

Our masseurs are able to provide them the same pleasure as masseuses do to men.

Your favourite massage – erotic pleasure at your place!

If you do not wish to visit our establishment, we are able to go to you.

We can provide our services in your own home, in a hotel room, in an office or anywhere else within Prague and its close surroundings.

All in the same quality as it is provided in our salon.

Hand yourself over to our professionals at our salon or in the comfort of home and be left with a beautiful experience!

The physical and mental benefits of erotic massages have been confirmed many times!

Czech erotic massages you will want to experience again and again

Is the golden standard of our offer. It is a classic full body massage, complemented by erotic elements, which are given special attention. The masseuse or masseur is completely naked, or clothed in provocative lingerie if you wish so. Aromatic emulsions and easy-to-clean oils are used during the procedure. It can also be preceded by a shared shower.
Draws on the Indian traditions of mystical eroticism, which it links with elements of classic massage. The combination of physical and inner sexuality which characterizes it makes it a very popular and sought after way of sensual stimulation. Orgasmic states, which can be achieved through it may take up to several minutes.
Is a shortened version of the tantra massage, focusing primarily on the penis and pelvis areas. Delicate touches and a refined delaying of climax release huge amounts of suppressed energy and give you a glimpse of your own sexuality from a whole new perspective.
Expect “body to body” contact. Using a special Nuru gel made out of seaweed, our masseuses will initiate you into the secrets of this technique, which has its roots and established tradition in Japan. It is a physically demanding procedure that involves the whole body of the masseuse and requires a perfect synchronisation of movement.
Allows you to realize your secret fantasies. Let yourself be mastered by our masseuse, who for a moment will become for example a strict dominatrix, an uncompromising policewoman or a stern teacher requiring absolute submission. Services of this type are better ordered in advance so that we have time to prepare everything to your liking.
This traditional Hawaiian method, whose technique lies in precise and rhythmic use of pressure of fingers, palms and especially elbows and forearms, will momentarily transfer you to the sunny beaches of these islands. Lomi Lomi is not erotic in origin, our version is however enriched with erotic elements.
Sophisticated combination of classical and exotic procedures brings out the best of both worlds. The relaxation part gradually transforms into an erotic part. Relax and let our professionals guide work your desire to the top and beyond.
It is the secret of our company, a unique procedure that you can only get with us. This variation of classical massage, carried out by two girls, exceeds with its intensity the classical basis many times over.

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Order one of our massages today! The intensity of experience, getting to know your own intimacy and acquainting oneself with exotic practices will expand your horizon, relax you and encourage your libido!

We do not provide direct sex under any circumstances.

We do not provide direct sex under any circumstances.