• Erotic experience bordering on the mystical
  • Attention is given to the whole body
  • Intensive extatic states
  • Inner experience of human mutuality

Indian erotic art and philosophy have a tradition reaching back many centuries, and tantra massage is based both on them and on modern massage techniques.

Thanks to the skill of our masseuses you too can experience on your own body what this unique combination of esoteric principles and physical sensuality can do.

Tantra massage means much more than just sexual pleasure

This massage is of course a gentle ritual, which mobilizes and releases a tremendous amount of sexual energy.

But it is also an opportunity to transcend the moment of physical sensuality, to abandon yourself for a while and view your intimacy from an unexpected perspective.


Treat yourself to it with us!

The profound experience of this procedure can fill you with a huge sense of relief and inner peace that will last long after the physical climax wears off.

A unique massage - tantra inspired, perfected by our professionals

If you want to experience tantra yourself, you will not find a better guide to this world than our masseuses and masseurs.

Skilled, attractive, likeable and professional - each and every one of them can give you maximum level of erotic pleasure by him/herself.

However, for this type of massage especially, you should choose carefully who will massage you.

Personal sympathy and mutual harmony is absolutely crucial in this case.

Possibility of a tantric massage for two

Nothing prevents you to undergo this procedure together with your partner.

Sensitively conducted joint massage with pre-set rules may offer a deeply intimate experience that can strengthen and refresh your relationship.

Enrich your relationship with another dimension

Reserve a tantric massage for two and be surprised by the mutual harmony achieved in this way.

Czech tantra that teaches you to breathe

This massage is a holistic procedure. It doesn’t leave out even a centimetre of your body including the erogenous zones.

For the massage to be perfect, you will also need to comply with a conscious breathing technique that will amplify the whole experience.

Tantra exotic massage first relaxes you, then entices to continue

As with each of our massages, this one too will be preceded by a shower, which you can enjoy by yourself or with a masseuse or masseur.

You will then find yourself on a comfortable bed in an intimate setting, dimly lit by aromatic candles and accompanied by appropriate music.

You will be quickly taught the principles of correct breathing, required to smoothen the following minutes.

After that, you can move on to the massage itself.

Tantra ritual massage will put you in a trance

Everything begins with light, gentle, relaxing touches.

You can also look forward to be petted with the help of titillating and teasing objects, such as fine fur or ostrich feathers, which arouse both physical excitement and imagination.

It is during these moments that all your worries will gradually leave you and you may enter a light, trance-like state.

We will not leave out a single centimetre of your body

Experienced fingers they will then touch you everywhere, including the erogenous zones.

Sophisticated techniques will maximize your excitement to the point you never thought possible.

Throughout the massage enormous amounts of energy gradually accumulate until being released in an ecstatic climax.

Intimate, not only erotic experience

However, this massage fills you with more than just a physical pleasure. You will leave with a feeling of love and tenderness, which was given to you, you will leave with a sense of relief and rejuvenation.

It can also affect your inner self, rid you of fear, shame or complexes pertaining to your body and sexuality. It is therefore an experience equally erotic and therapeutic.

If you underwent it together with a spouse or a partner, it can also be a great impetus for the further deepening of your relationship.

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Treat yourself to the tantric experience with us. Absolute physical and mental relaxation and the possibility of an intimate, mystical encounter – all is possible. Daily between 9 and 15 hours you can also get a special discount on this massage.

We do not provide direct sex under any circumstances.