Take a look inside our luxurious salon

Sumptuous, intimately lit by the dim, suggestive glow and carefully maintained. That’s what it’s like inside our salon where your massage will take place. Every detail is calculated to contribute to the mood full of mysterious erotic promise.

Entering our salon, you leave the boundaries of the everyday world. Although a Prague street is bustling right outside the door, you'll feel as if you’ve left the busy city thousands of miles behind you. You’ve crossed into a place of exacerbated sensuality, a place of fantasy, a place where you can shed all your worries together with your clothes.

Let yourself be massaged in one of its rooms!

Our salon is decorated to further highlight and colour your erotic experience

The ideal place for your dreams

Mere erotica represents only a fraction of the experience that we can provide.

Be inspired by the decorations that adorn the inside of our salon. Breathe in aromatic fragrances exhaled by burning candles and free your imagination.

Oriental decor, Buddha images and the interplay between light and shadows might transport you in time and space during your massage.

Let your mind wander freely while the masseuse attends to your body.

Mirrors on the walls allow you to take in the view of our masseuses’ bodies during the massage and also observe what's going on with your own body from different angles.

Comfort is our second name

Shower, sauna, Jacuzzi... all of this is available to you before and after the massage.

Bridge initial shyness in front of the masseuse with a common shower or sauna, or prolong your impression from the massage in a comfortable Jacuzzi.

Pleasant conversation in a bubbly bath can add more human dimension to your massage, which will make you enjoy it much more.

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Enter our salon and let yourself be impressed by its unique, luxurious environment - we guarantee you that you will want to return many times after.

We do not provide direct sex under any circumstances.